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    • The Payer-to-Payer Data Exchange API has been mandated by CMS/ONC. This API was implemented by Florida Blue using the Da Vinci/HL7 PDEX (Payer Data Exchange) IG, and is only applicable to Florida Blue Medicare Advantage Plans and QHP issuers on the FFEs. The API includes data classes and elements in the USCDIv1 (United States Core Data for Interoperability) for clinical data only based on the FHIR v4 specification. This service implements OAuth 2.0 to secure data exchange and patient consent before allowing data exchange to and from Florida Blue. contact: email:



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8 calls per second
Default Plan
8 calls per second
GET /Patient/{FHIRID}/{everything}
GET /{resourceType}
GET /emr/api/v1

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